Obligated passion

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

I was talking to my friend yesterday and it is interesting that how we are obligated to do things we don’t like or want all our lives such as studying a subject that we are not interested in or working in a job/ position/ career that we don’t enjoy. But because those are obligated, we have to follow through and results/ success come out of it.

When we have the time to do what we actually want to do or passionate about such as writing, drawing, playing a sport, or studying/ learning something that we are interested in, let’s call this our passion; since it is not ”obligated”, we can’t bring ourselves to the discipline that’s needed to consistently doing it and getting better at it.

The reasons of not making your passion an obligation could be that obligation means not enjoyable and we only want to have pure enjoyable moments when it comes to our passion OR it is easier for us to turn to our human nature of comfort whichever that might be at the time like laying in bed, browsing the internet...

When we realize it is time that we would enjoy doing the thing we love, often times it is also when we need to get back to our other more pressing responsibilities/obligations.

Would you make your passion obligated?

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