COVID vaccine or not?

I never really put much thought about why or why not we should get COVID vaccine, my automatic response is yes, whether because of my personal truth and biases through my health profession and/ or the environment that I was brought up in; or because I am intellectually lazy and do not want to be bothered considering the different sides of the story, evaluating the evidence presented... Whichever the reason might be, I want to change that. I want to take a step towards making decisions based on objective truth vs. personal truth, looking at a matter based on the evidence presented and not who presented it, being aware of my own biases and making an effort to minimize those biases.

Thanks to my cousin for asking me the question about COVID vaccine.

Below is a sheet that I made to help me analyze the information that I was presented to. It is far from ever to be perfect but it is the first step.

I invite you to examine my approach, let me know what you think and give me your honest critique and maybe ask yourself questions about your own approach to controversial topics.

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